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Periodontal Disease

Your Dental Hygiene and You!

At South Calgary Periodontal, we are committed to focusing on your dental hygiene and overall oral health. This means decreasing inflammation through periodontal dentistry. When you have active periodontal disease, the typical routines of home maintenance – including daily dental hygiene and teeth brushing – may not be effective enough, as those methods generally focus on areas of the tooth that are above the gum-line.

But with regular scaling and root planing procedures, we can remove the build-up of plaque, tartar (calculus) and bacterial toxins (biofilms) from tooth surfaces below the gum line, which are the areas that general home care practices are unable to reach.

At South Calgary Periodontal, we make sure that you are on a twice-per-year – or possibly more, depending on your own individual health needs – frequency of maintenance and/or preventative care schedule.

In order to find appointment times that fit with busy and active lifestyles, most of our clients pre-schedule their next visit with us. We will remind you with either a phone call or by e-mail when it is time for your next preventative care visit.

Education is the Key!

At South Calgary Periodontal, we are always eager to educate our patients so they know more about their condition. That is why we have broken the important subject of Periodontal disease into different sections:

  1. Types of Periodontal Disease
  2. Signs & Symptoms of Periodontal Disease
  3. Causes & Effects of Periodontal Disease
  4. Diagnosis of Periodontal Disease
  5. Treatment of Periodontal Disease

The entire South Calgary Periodontal team is committed to helping you improve your Oral Health and to educate you about the importance of Dental Hygiene as a part of your overall health and well being!

At South Calgary Periodontal Group, we are always welcoming new patients.
Call us at (403) 278-5446 to book your Periodontal consultation appointment today!