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Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Healthy gum tissue protects your teeth from disease and is cosmetically important to ensure a natural and healthy looking smile. ‘Periodontal Plastic Surgery’ is designed to restore form and function to your gum tissue if it is experiencing periodontal disease.  This procedure is also used to restore the periodontal ligament and the bone that supports your teeth or an individual tooth. The South Calgary Periodontists perform periodontal plastic procedures to rebuild lost gum and/or cover the roots with natural gum tissue, which reverses gum recession, making your smile look younger while decreasing the tooth’s sensitivity and reducing the possibility of root cavities.
The long-term goal of any periodontal surgery is to increase the life expectancy of the teeth and their usefulness; it is not to be considered a cure for periodontal disease. Basically, periodontal surgery removes tissue that has been transformed by the disease and then reconstructs the gums and surrounding tissues to better support the teeth and to recreate a normal appearance.

Many of the procedures involving the gum and bone can be considered as Periodontal Plastic Surgery, improving many different situations such as:

These procedures can be used to cover unsightly, sensitive or exposed tooth root surfaces and can also prevent future gum recession. When it comes to Plastic Surgery, it can also be about the appearance of your smile. Your smile can be enhanced using a combination of periodontal procedures.

By reshaping excess gum and bone tissue, we can expose more of your own natural tooth. We can do this to just one tooth or to the entire arch to create a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing smile.

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